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Permission granted to join today!

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It's Time For Moms To Have Our Own Psychedelic Platform

Are you psylo-curious but not sure where to start?

Have you been working with plant medicine for a while, but have felt like you couldn’t ‘come out of the closet’ with other moms?

Have you just started your own sacred medicine journey, but are craving community?

Are you a mom who is a psychedelic practitioner or therapist looking to connect with other like-minded people?

THE GROW is for all of us.

The Grow Monthly Membership is a perfect way to educate yourself, connect with other moms and dip your toes into microdosing and psychedelics without all the confusion, overwhelm, judgement or shame. Nobody has time for that!


No more random google searches. No more scrolling and trying to decide which accounts are legit. No more wishing you could “find your people.”


This monthly membership will provide you with the connection you’re craving and give you access to an ever-growing database of information and resources so you can get your questions answered, and continue your research.


No advertisers. No algorithims. No influencers. No drama.

Just moms wanting to heal.

Woman with Mushroom Parachute
Goldenrod hand



De-stigmatize Psychedelics, Especially for Moms

We can't move forward in healing and raising our consciousness if we're smothered in fear, guilt, shame and old programming around the use of psychedelics or the act of self healing. Speaking out and standing up for this journey is our #1 mission.


Promote Safe, Intentional and Sacred Use of Psychedelics

This happens with continued education, conversation and dedication to using plant medicine as an ally and guide, rather than viewing it as a quick fix, magic bullet or crutch.


Remain in Humble Service to Others, Always

M.O.M. was created so mothers can come together to heal with the help of this medicine. Being of service is the future of soul-centered "business" and where we see infinite possibilities for a changed world. Above all else: serve, give, share, connect, lead with love. In other words: it's not about any one person. It's about all of us.


Teach and Promote Reciprocity, Responsibility and Respect

The simplest form of reciprocity is to be of service. This means giving back inside our community and giving back to those who have worked for years underground to lay the foundation for M.O.M. to even exist.  Respect is critical, as this is slow medicine which brings us back to the Mother Earth, to God and Source, and to each other. We have a responsibility to humbly honor this practice and those who teach it, those who mindfully cultivate it, to Great Mother Earth who provides it, and to the Divine healing that comes from it. 

Sangria upside down leaves

Catch Up on the Conversation

Here is a small sample of some of the actual conversations we're having on The Grow...

I am new to the community and to microdosing. I am wondering if anyone has experience with combining the safe and sound protocol with microdosing, and if so, can you share a little about it?”

“Just wondering if there are mums out there that have breastfed and continued to microdose? I had postnatal depression after he was born and prescribed sertraline (think it's zoloft in the states) and I know that it does pass into the breastmilk. In my own logic mind I feel that microdosing is safer then an ssri, being such a small dose and not daily. Just wondering of anyone had personal experience on this.”

“I currently take medication for anxiety and ADHD. I have been afraid to go without, because I function so much better as the person I want to be with the medication. However, I am also interested in learning more about microdosing as an alternate medicine.”

“Over the years my doc has just been refilling my antidepressant and anxiety prescriptions and just keep taking them. I’m not even sure what the “real me” is like anymore. And over the past 6 months or so I have been at my lowest. Really low! I feel guided to try microdosing as an alternative. Can you share your experiences?”

“For a long time I have felt isolated in this topic, and it's so great to be surrounded by like-minded moms.


My daughter is 9 and I've been thinking for years how to talk about plant medicines (and other beneficial medicines) with her. I've been microdosing for about 10 years as well as studying psychedelic-assisted therapy. How do you talk to your kids about all of this?

“My partner and I are doing our very first high dose at home with a trip sitter, and our kids will be with my mom for the day. Other than making sure the set and setting is right - how else can I prepare? What can I expect?”

This is Social Media Truly Reimagined...
Conversation, Connection, and Education all in One Place...
No Egos Invited

Remember the old days when your favorite social feed felt like you were reading what you wanted, and you didn’t get anxiety after scrolling? Remember when your feed wasn’t interrupted with creepy ads, and you weren’t sizing up every post or poster on likes or comments?  (Or trolls?)


We remember those days too. And we miss them.


While this isn’t a broad-range social platform it IS a soft landing and VERY safe container for moms looking for honest conversation and access to information about the sacred use of plant medicine.


A safe container where moms talk TO each other, and they’re not being talked AT.


And it just so happens that we’re keeping plant medicine at the core of the convo. 

Amanda Testimonial

M.O.M. is very well organized, and has loads of supportive tools along the way. I was concerned how much time it would take, but it was very digestible and easy to fit into my busy schedule. I’d highly recommend M.O.M. to any mother looking to start her microdosing journey in a supportive, safe environment with a trusted guide like Tracey.

Amanda Testa

Sex + Relationship Coach

What's Inside THE GROW

Like FB (but for moms wanting to talk about shrooms ;)

Connect with hundreds of like-minded moms, across the world.

Enjoy the "FB-group" type feel of reading other's posts and comments, while posting your own thoughts inside a protected and very private community portal.


Trolls? We don’t know them.


Catty comments and inappropriate posts? They’re not welcome here. And honestly: they just don’t happen. It’s magical!

Mushrooms up close
Resource Garden screenshot

Access to the Resource Garden

Learn about microdosing and psychedelics through vetted resources that will pertain to your unique experience of being a mom.


Access a growing database filled with scientific studies, podcasts, videos, recommended books and more so you can start your own research. All through the lens of being a mom.


Also included: a special section devoted to emerging research around psychedelic use in pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum depression.


Enjoy special myco-meditations created by founder Tracey Tee to help you deepen your practice or simply relax for a few minutes.

Live Streams & Group Activities All Month Every Month

Hop on any of our monthly live streams: 

  • Microdosing and large dose journey Q&As

  • Interviews with community members

  • Integration circles

  • Breathwork & Movement classes

  • Special mini workshops

  • Sacred Sundays 

  • Prayers for Peace

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

GeoLocal & Shared Interest Groups

Connect with other like-minded moms on an even deeper level with our ever-growing list of over 30 US-based city and state groups, six countries, as well as specialized shared interest and life experience groups.

Single M.O.M.s

M.O.M.s in Recovery

M.O.M.s with Neurodivergent Kids










New York



South Carolina

and soooo many more!

Access to the Video Garden

Watch fun and informative video content like in-depth interviews with experts in the psychedelic space available EXCLUSIVELY to members of The Grow.


Enjoy real talk by watching - and participating in - Q&A’s with members of the M.O.M. team and community streamed right through the app.


Log on to the "Shroom Room" discussions, where two moms and life-long besties explore topics that are emerging inside the community and cohorts with honesty, curiosity and humor.

Mom Video Garden

Plus! Enjoy ALL These
Extra  Resources, For WAY Less Than A Latte!

Mushroom growing

Unlimited Access to The Grow Community Page where you can ask questions, learn and interact with other like-minded moms.


Interactions from a growing group of M.O.M. expert “advisors” who can step in and offer advice as discussions happen.

Ability to DM other moms inside the portal. All private, safe and secure.

Access The Grow from your desktop or an app!

City, State, and Regional sub-groups so you can connect with local M.O.M.s

Curated High Vibe Playlists for musical inspiration to help raise your frequency and brighten your day.

Exclusive offers from vetted and trusted partners and practitioners dedicated to supporting moms in their healing journeys.

Join the M.O.M. Book Club and read a new soul-focused book every month!


Access to exclusive monthly program offerings like breathwork, journaling, guided meditations, somatic work, womb healing, trauma healing, integration circles and more.

Exclusive invitations to in-person events!

This monthly membership could easily cost over $30/mo elsewhere, but we’re committed to keeping this community affordable and accessible at just $2.22 a month.


Join The Grow and see what's on the other side!!
We're committed to keeping this psychedelic mom's group super affordable at just $2.22 per month, so why not give it a try?

(It's sooooo much better than trying to follow 'hashtag psilocybin" on the 'gram, we promise ;)



Full access to your favorite new mom group


Access to the Resource Garden, brimming with loads of microdosing, health and wellness information


Access to The Video Garden brimming with insightful interviews with experts in the psychedelic space


Access to resources and professionals vetted by Tracey and the M.O.M. team


Cancel any time



Full access to your favorite new mom group


Access to the Resource Garden, brimming with loads of microdosing, psychedelic, health and wellness information


Access to The Video Garden brimming with insightful interviews with experts in the psychedelic space


Access to resources and professionals vetted by Tracey and the M.O.M. team

20% discount when you pay annually

Be a founding member of the psychedelic revolution!

Does $2 Seem Too Good to Be True?

Our mission at Moms on Mushrooms is to bring ALL moms together through the sacred use of entheogenic medicine. Accessibility to our private monthly membership is extremely important to this mission. While other communities are raising prices and charging $25 a month or more, we decided to lower our price to ensure anyone who wants to join The Grow can join. 

BUT we want you to feel like you're getting a value that's well beyond any other membership you may be part of.


With comprehensive programming, monthly events, major amounts of psychedelic education plus exclusive access to microdosing courses and microdosing coaches your $2 will go a looooong way. 

Calling in 10,000 moms,
then 100,000 moms, then 1,000,000 moms

We're just getting started in changing the narrative about the healing powers of microdosing and we need your voice! 


Will you be one of the first 10,000 mothers to join our revolution?


A private community platform focused on education, advocacy and connection

Mission-driven with intention and respect for the potential healing power of this medicine

Careful, curious, caring, cautious


Staying in our lane; we love everyone, but this space is JUST for moms


Deeply concerned for your health and safety


Not high

Already working with plant medicine?

Shifting the narrative around psychedelics - especially when it involves mothers - is going to be a grass-roots revolution that we do together.


If you're already microdosing or using plant medicine/psychedelics on your own and have felt like you have no community to share your experiences with...PLEASE JOIN US!


If you're a mom + psychedelic practitioner or facilitator or work in this space...PLEASE JOIN US!


We need your voices and we absolutely want and respect your presence in this space!

Woman on a bench
cacao bird.png

Questions Other Moms Asked

What is M.O.M?

M.O.M. (Moms On Mushrooms) is an educational platform and community of moms interested in learning about the safe and intentional use of psychedelic mushrooms. Our mission is to de-stigmatize psychedelics, promote safe and sacred use, and remain in service to others.

What does M.O.M offer?

We offer a private digital community, programs and courses. You may join "The Grow” our monthly membership which provides unlimited access to our community page with hundreds of like-minded moms, access to expert advisors, live Q&A's, access to our Resource Garden, Video Garden, myco-inspired meditations, high vibe playlists, and exclusive offers from trusted partners and practitioners. (Think of it like FB for moms on shrooms but without all the social media insanity.)


We also offer a three-month small group microdosing course called Microdosing for Moms Course.1: Your Journey Begins. This is a beautiful and intimate container offered several times a year designed to hold space for you and give you the support you need to truly integrate plant medicine into your life. Course.1 is where the magic happens.


And last you can purchase our best-selling Microdosing 101 for Moms - an instant-access course that covers all aspects of microdosing, including what a microdose is, how much to take, safety concerns and side effects, and practical tips for integration. The course also includes an exclusive M.O.M Protocol and dosage guidelines. Microdosing 101 is a $200 value, but we offer it for just $44.  

Who can benefit from M.O.M and M.O.M Offerings?

The M.O.M Community and courses are designed exclusively for moms who are interested in exploring the safe and intentional use of psychedelic mushrooms as a tool for personal growth, healing, and spiritual practice. If you are simply curious about microdosing and don’t know where to start, our private and safe digital community “The Grow” is a perfect place to start. We believe that beginning a microdosing journey should be done with guidance, support and in community. We believe that our three-month microdosing cohort courses are the absolute perfect way to learn about microdosing and create a safe, intentional practice.

How can I take a M.O.M. Course?

If you are interesting in learning how to microdose or creating your own intentional microdosing practice, we have several microdosing courses for moms! CLICK HERE to learn more!

What if The Grow isn't for me?

We believe The Grow will become the world's largest psychedelic community for moms, and that it will be the mothers inside our community who will shape it. Put another way: The Grow is what we make it! However, if at any time you feel that our community isn't right for you it is very easy to cancel without any hassle. 

I want to start microdosing NOW. Can you help me with that?

You bet! We strongly encourage you to enroll in our foundational, small group, 3.5 month how to microdose course where you'll learn about microdosing, create a microdosing protocol and connect with other moms who will help you support your healing and transformation. You'll need to fill out a short survey and then schedule a free Discovery Call with us where we can answer all your questions about all our offerings. 

I'm not a mom. Can I still take a course or join The Grow?

Moms juggle a unique combination of stressors and carry burdens that are in many ways much more complex than other 'groups'. The experience of being a mother is often hard to describe or understand for the individual, which often leads to deep levels of unhappiness, unease and loneliness. In Tracey’s 10+ years of working with and around mothers inside the parenting sector,  she believes that when moms come together in a shared spirit of unity and vulnerability, extraordinary healing can happen within a safe container of shared motherhood experiences.


In this critical time of both collective division and collective awakening we believe mothers need a strong community in which each woman can start to heal from not only the unique and overwhelming difficulties of our time, but also begin to shed her ancestral traumas as well. It the M.O.M. team’s deepest desire to be of service to mothers while in union with entheogenic medicine during this exciting time on our planet.

PS: stay tuned for Dads on Mushrooms coming soon!

Image by Yousef Espanioly

Let's do this!

Join The Grow Community Today



Full access to your favorite new mom group


Access to the Resource Garden, brimming with loads of microdosing, health and wellness information


Access to The Video Garden brimming with insightful interviews with experts in the psychedelic space


Access to resources and professionals vetted by Tracey and the M.O.M. team


Cancel any time



Full access to your favorite new mom group


Access to the Resource Garden, brimming with loads of microdosing, psychedelic, health and wellness information


Access to The Video Garden brimming with insightful interviews with experts in the psychedelic space


Access to resources and professionals vetted by Tracey and the M.OM. team

20% discount when you pay annually

Pay once and enjoy all the benefits!

It's time to GROW.

I am honored that you've found yourself here!


I am not a guru, influencer, life coach or healer. I consider myself to be a lifelong student of spirituality, plant medicine and health, and I come to you as a humble teacher + guide who finds immense joy in being of service to moms.


The mycelial network has worked its way into, around, and through my heart, guiding me to extend its network around moms. With all the respect I can muster, I accept the offer to work with Its medicine as the foundation of this new work with mothers. The old ways, paradigms and narratives that have permeated our culture are crumbling away and there is a palpable rise in Divine Feminine energy waiting for us to co-create a new and more sustainable way of life. I see mothers at the forefront of creating this burgeoning New Earth.

Mothers stepping into their own sovereignty and their birthright of happiness.


Mothers who recognize that there is something greater than ourselves out there in the Universe.


Mothers who value communication, vulnerability, courage and love, and who are willing to weave it into every fiber of their lives.


Mothers willing to raise our children in a new way that is detached from toxic patriarchal, corporate and religious dogma.


Mothers facing their trauma and letting it go for good.


Mothers detached from fear.


Mothers who want to live free.


Those are big exclamations, I know. But the good news is we can start small. All it takes is you, me and a few other amazing, confused, broken, powerful, intelligent, funny, soulful, grieving, curious, open-hearted moms gathering together to learn and talk it out with love at the center of all things.


I hope you join us.

Tracey Tee

Tracey Tee Headshot


The information provided on this website does not and is not intended to, constitute legal or medical advice. All information, content, and materials available on this site are for general educational and informational purposes only.

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