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Hello, mama!


Are you feeling the call to journey with plant medicine? Have you been reading about the healing potentials of microdosing, but aren't sure where to start? Are you ready for a change in your life?

Welcome to Microdosing for Moms Course.1: Your Journey Begins

We've got you.

M.O.M. Course.1 will guide you to become well-versed in microdosing while creating an intentional practice in a safe, supportive container created exclusively for mothers. Learn all there is to know about dosage amounts, dosage options, integration, intention and soooo much more.

Sign up for M.O.M.'s signature Course.1 now and start your journey with plant medicine!!

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Are you feeling the call to plant medicine, but have NO IDEA where to start?

Moms on Mushrooms was created because we believe that working with this medicine is just so different when you're a mom.


We also believe this medicine is BEST when done in COMMUNITY. For too long we've isolated ourselves from our communities, from that tribal way of life that allowed us to share our experiences in real time, in real life, with others who deeply care about our happiness and success. It is our belief that the mushrooms are bringing us back together to remember that this is the way.


M.O.M. is the bridge from the old to the new, gladly utilizing the best parts of modern technology to easily connect us back together.

Joining the M.O.M. community has been LIFE CHANGING. I had no idea what to expect when I began working intentionally with the medicine but truly, it has transformed me for the better. As an artist, writer, entrepreneur, and mom of a 4-year-old, I had experienced creative blocks, procrastination, and anxiety prior to joining M.O.M. I had never worked with this medicine before, wasn’t sure how, and didn’t realize the power of intentional healing until I started having major emotional breakthroughs, epiphanies, and releases. There’s nothing like saying YES to this inner exploration and healing in a community with Tracey and other like-minded, curious, open-hearted women. Just say YES if you’re looking for a new sacred path to healing in community and with plant medicine!

Kimothy Joy

(Author, Artist) of That’s What She Said: Wise Words fromInfluential Women and Focus Pocus 90-Day Guided Journal Freeport, ME

Does this resonate with you?

We don't have time to go to 10-day retreats and sit in ceremony

We're busy and overwhelmed already; so a course has to feel like SUPPORT, not a burden

We need facts, safety information and trusted resources they can depend on

We want to feel seen, heard and UNDERSTOOD; we know that usually happens best when we share our life experiences with other mothers

We're tired of being talked AT or worse, talked DOWN TO. We want to feel safe to be ourselves and ask questions without judgment

We come from all different parts of the country, from different races, different family dynamics, different physical and mental health concerns, different religious beliefs with different jobs and different ways of raising our children. We don't fit into one mold and we don't want to feel like we have to when microdosing.

Welcome to the course AND community you've been searching for! M.O.M.'s Course.1 was created by a mom JUST LIKE YOU, with a growing community portal called The Grow to support you along the way.

Connect with like-minded moms

Learn about microdosing and psychedelics inside a safe, vetted community platform Ask questions, share, GROW while you journey with this medicine...outside of prying eyes from traditional social media

No advertisers. No algorithms. No influencers. No drama.


M.O.M. Course.1 is very well organized, and has loads of supportive tools along the way. I was concerned how much time it would take, but it was very digestible and easy to fit into my busy schedule. I’d highly recommend M.O.M. to any mother looking to start her microdosing journey in a supportive, safe environment with a trusted guide like Tracey.

Amanda Testa

Sex + Relationship Coach

Image by Yousef Espanioly

When you finish Course.1, you'll have:


Know what microdosing really is and how to create an intentional practice in your busy life



Become familiar with terms and doses, explore loads of additional research and expert teachings all vetted by our team so you skip the clutter and noise


A Plan:

Seven easy but activating lessons allow you to focus on your WHY



Get to know other mothers who are on the same journey of healing as you



Join a cohort guided by a trained, dedicated and passionate facilitator who will be there for you every step of the way,


Above all else...

You'll lose the doubt and give yourself permission to step onto the path of healing! For three months, you'll be in an intimate cohort of other moms (no more than 10) getting all your questions answered in a secure, supportive, compassionate, and caring environment. This is the perfect opportunity to start on an intentional microdosing journey.

Cacao wheel.png

Soul Focused. No Dogma.

The M.O.M. Course.1 is unlike anything else in the psychedelic space. It was created to help you learn all about microdosing while gently guiding you through integration in community as you journey with plant medicine. And it's JUST FOR MOMS.

Breann Headshot.jpg

As a neurodivergent mom, I cannot express how much Moms on Mushrooms has helped me expand my window of tolerance. Before discovering this wonderful community, I felt isolated and alone in my struggles to balance the demands of motherhood with my own unique neurodivergent needs and nervous system.

Moms on Mushrooms provided me with a safe and supportive space to connect with other moms who desire a community approach to healing. What I appreciate most about Moms on Mushrooms is the commitment to empowering moms to be their best selves, no matter what challenges they may face. This community offers a wealth of knowledge and support that can help you thrive as a parent and heal in community. 


Denver, CO


That's up to you. But we're here to help you try.






C.1 Dates

Next Available Course.1 Dates

June 11 – September 3
Online gatherings every other TUESDAY
11:30 – 1:00pm ET / 4:30 – 6:00pm GMT


June 16 – September 8
Online gatherings every other SUNDAY
11:00 – 12:30pm ET / 4:00 – 5:30pm GMT

Course enrollment is first-come, first-served, and these courses ALWAYS SELL OUT - so apply today!

What's Inside Course.1


Microdosing 101 For Moms:

You'll learn all about microdosing in our best-selling 101 course - what it is, how to do it, and why it's so great – all from the perspective of a mom. 


Easy Lessons for an Intentional Microdosing Practice:

Follow 7 beautiful lessons filled with videos, journal prompts and activation. The coursework is designed specifically for busy moms - we promise you won’t be overwhelmed!


Learn + Grow in Community:

Attend seven 90-minute zoom calls (one every other week) with your cohort and facilitator and watch the magic happen. We’ll share, meditate, journal together and learn about microdosing by listening to each other.


Health & Wellness Support:

The course includes exclusive access to customized information about vitamins, supplements, food - even great sleep hacks -  that will help you stay healthy and through simple methods to upgrade your daily lifestyle for the better while taking care of your mind and body.


The M.O.M. Portal:

Get full access to the M.O.M. Portal and all its resources. You’ll receive 6 months FREE access to our monthly membership, The Grow (think of it like FB for moms on shrooms ;) as well as access to our monthly Book Club, Home Grow Club, connect with moms via local sub groups, and much more!


Safe Space:

Our #1 priority is that you feel safe and supported while you begin this journey. This isn’t a magic pill, and there’s a lot of hype around microdosing that can send the wrong message. There’s work to be done, and we do our best to ensure you’re held in an environment that allows you to do that work. 



An immersive class during Week 3 of your course, offering an introduction to reconnecting with your body and enjoying movement again with Kristin Taylor, CCP


The Journey to Ceremony: A Guide for Mothers

You'll receive our newest self-paced course for FREE: a massive compilation of detailed information and guidance on how to research, prepare for and experience a large dose journey, while also having direct access to your facilitator who can answer all your large dose questions in real time.

Mama - we honor the investment you're about to make and we want you to know that we got you, and we want to spoil you!

When you decide to join Course.1 you will receive ALLLL these extras.  (Like, way over $1000 in extras!)


FREE LIFETIME ACCESS TO OUR BRAND NEW COURSE: The Journey to Ceremony: A Guide For Mothers Researching, Preparing, Participating and Integrating a High Dose Psilocybin Ceremony


3 EXCLUSIVE BONUS INTERVIEWS with renowned psychedelic experts covering topics such as:

- how microdosing can help post partum depression

- why and how creating a sacred microdosing practice can be beneficial to mothers

- Neuroscience, mental health and the change in family systems when parents heal themselves first

LIFETIME ACCESS TO ALL COURSE MATERIALS (this is virtually unheard of in the digital course space these days)


DIRECT ACCESS to a trained, experienced and compassionate facilitator who is also a mother, just like you 


A PRIVATE CHAT THREAD for your cohort to stay connected and supported during your course and beyond!


AN EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY SPACE only for alumnae who have taken Course.1


ACCESS TO OUR RESOURCE AND VIDEO GARDENS full of articles, research papers, podcasts, special playlists, journal prompts, vetted practitioners and healers, and interviews with experts in the psychedelic space




A $20 CREDIT to our awesome online shop with seriously great items!


When you do the math...

and take advantage of our, dynamic, one-of-a-kind community AND our epic resource gardens full of exclusive videos and vetted resources AND the fact that you retain LIFETIME ACCESS to our courses so you can come back to them again and again...

you're receiving over $3000 of value for only $1100





Image by Annie Spratt

+PLUS you get these freebies:

(Instant Download Courses – $88 Value!)




A Guide for Large-Dose Psychedelic Journeys

Your Course.1 Wing Women

Stace Edited.JPG


Aloha, I’m Anastasia, and I am deeply committed to helping women connect with their passions, their bodies and their soul’s purpose, within and beyond motherhood. I draw upon more than 15 years of personal exploration with mushrooms and other entheogens, which have supported me through times of grief, helped deepen and heal in relationships, and guided me through many formative seasons of life. I layer in mindfulness and somatic practices to support your journey, incorporating wisdom passed down from countless teachers who have paved the way before me. It’s truly an honor to hold space for you as you develop your own unique relationship with these intelligent medicines, connect with your inner healer, and make way for more peace and presence in your life.  My husband (and fellow psychedelic traveler) and I have been married for 12 years, we are raising 3 beautiful children and are blessed to call the island of O’ahu our home. 


My name is Tracey Tee and am the creator and steward of Moms On Mushrooms. I weave a sacred facilitator approach to my M.O.M. circles, connecting you back to yourself through prayer, herbology, grounding, nature and, of course, plant medicine. My own journey through reproductive health issues, provides me with a unique and very deep level of compassion for mothers and allows me to hold space for health, birth and womb trauma while also offering practical tips for you – a likely overwhelmed and busy mom - to simply feel better in your body. I live in Denver, Colorado with my husband of 20 years, a feisty but wise chihuahua mix and our miracle daughter who is 13 years old.

Kristin Headshot_edited.jpg


Ciao beautiful mamas!  I am Kristin Taylor; a Movement & Microdosing Integration Practitioner. My Microdosing practice is enhanced by my BS in Health Ed; Therapeutic Certification through Salt City Psychedelic Therapy & Research; Mycology Psychology Holonic Practitioner Certification as well as my postgraduate certificate in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Utah. 


I am a single mama of 5 kiddos ages 20, 18, 9, 8, 5. The more I learn to EMBODY MYSELF—and guide clients to witness their authentic-selves, I feel I am in my soul’s path.

Gratitude, Wonder and Connection are the foundation of my integration practice.

Alana Headshot.jpg


Hi Everyone, my name is Alana Owens aka The Meditating Therapist. My journey of healing and self-discovery has become inextricable with the work that I do as a therapist and coach. I am honored and grateful to be here growing alongside all of you at the intersection of motherhood and entheogens.


My unique perspective on post-traumatic growth and expansion has been shaped by the many obstacles I have overcome in my life, including childhood cancer. My vision as a M.O.M. is that, through us, we will not only give our children the tools and resources they need to navigate life’s challenges, but we will also raise children who embody their true essence and worth with ease, shifting away from the old paradigm that suffering is the only pathway to wholeness.


I have a BA degree in Contemplative psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, CO, and a Master's in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. I am a second-generation meditation and yoga practitioner, and I have a 20-year background in nursing. I am currently training in The Condor Approach for psychedelic integration. Originally from New York, I now split my time between Delray Beach, FL, and Denver, CO with my partner and two young children.

FREE  Discovery Call

This medicine is no joke, and we want to make sure you feel comfortable and ready for the journey ahead.  Also, microdosing isn't for everyone so we want to make sure all your questions are answered, and all concerns and potential contradictions are addressed before you join this course.. A 20-minute call will allow us to get to know you and decide if this is a great fit.


Apply by Filling Out a Short Survey


Schedule a Discovery Call


Choose the Cohort That Fits Your Schedule


Some questions other moms have asked

Will I learn how to microdose?

Yes! 100%!

What are the available course dates and times?

We offer daytime and evening sessions throughout the week and even on weekends. You can the available schedules HERE.

Can I take this course if I'm already microdosing or working with plant medicine?

Absolutely! Whether you're already microdosing, a healer, practitioner, or businesswoman in the plant medicine space, or even if you just enjoy the occasional larger doses, you're welcome here with open arms.

How can I take a M.O.M. Course?

First, fill out this simple and encrypted survey, then choose a time to schedule your free Discovery Call, and if you’re ready to sign up after we talk, we’ll send you a follow up email with all the information you need to register.

I'm still not sure if I want to take a course. Do you have a free trial?

If you’re not sure this course is right for you, we strongly encourage you to book a 20-minute call so you can ask any questions you may have. We don’t offer a free trial for this course, but we have many offerings available that might be a better fit. No matter what you decide, you'll be in good hands!

I want to start microdosing NOW. Can you help me with that?

If you're ready to start your journey, taking a M.O.M. microdosing course is the way to go. After applying you’ll have a 20-minute discovery call to make sure all your questions are answered and to see if this course is the right one for you. Click here to get started!

I'm not a mom. Can I still take a course or join The Grow?

We'd love for everyone to join us, but our community is focused on the shared experiences of being women and moms - so all moms are invited! That includes step-moms, grandmas, and more!

What if I can't make all the zoom calls?

If you're a busy mom, this course was made with you in mind! We'll only have 7 gatherings - one every other week - and you’ll know the dates before signing up so you can make sure you can attend each session. While we know that life happens (especially with kids!) we do encourage everyone to attend each call, as this is a very special and much deserved time for YOU and your cohort..

I'm concerned about my name being "out there" in a course. Can I remain anonymous?

Moms on Mushrooms is a special place to be made just for moms, disconnected from social media on our own private platform. You can create a profile with or without a photo or your full name, but for the course calls we ask that you come ready to participate, with an open mind and heart, and your camera on. We never record our calls so each person's privacy is safe.


I am not a guru, influencer, life coach, or healer.

I consider myself to be a lifelong student of spirituality, plant medicine, and health, and I come to you as a humble teacher + guide who finds immense joy in being of service to moms.


The mycelial network has really gotten into my heart, telling me to reach out to moms. With all the respect I can give, I'm accepting its guidance to use its healing powers as the basis of this new work with mothers. The old ways, paradigms, and ideas that have become the norm in our society are breaking apart and there's a growing presence of the Divine Feminine force that needs us to build up a better and more lasting way of living.


I see moms at the forefront of creating this developing New Earth.

Moms taking control of their own destiny and their right to be happy. Moms who understand there's something beyond us in the cosmos. Those who value dialogue, openness, bravery, and amour, and are eager to make it part of their daily lives. Moms who are ready to bring up their kids in a new way, far away from damaging patriarchal, business, and religious principles.


Mothers who are confronting their traumas and leaving them behind for good. Moms who don't live in fear. Mothers who want to live liberated.


Those are big exclamations, I know. But the good news is we can start small. All it takes is you, me, and a few other amazing, confused, broken, powerful, intelligent, funny, soulful, grieving, curious, open-hearted moms gathering together to learn and talk it out with love at the center of all things.


I hope you join us.

Tracey Tee

Let's do this!

Apply for Course.1 Today







The information provided on this website does not and is not intended to, constitute legal or medical advice. All information, content, and materials available on this site are for general educational and informational purposes only.

©2023 Moms On Mushrooms

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