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Frequently Asked Questions

What is microdosing?

Microdosing  psychedelics is the practice of taking 1/10th to 1/20th of a full “journey” dose of plant medicine. Longtime psychedelic researcher James Fadiman PhD, coined the phrase in his book, The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide and it has been integrated as a known and increasingly popular practice ever since.

Unlike the full or "journey" dose of psychedelics you've likely heard lots about, a microdose is meant to be “sub-perceptual,” or barely noticeable. This means you won't get high, nor is the intention to get high or feel the 'trippy' 'transcendental' effects one could experience with a large dose. This makes the practice incredibly safe, and when combined with a therapeutic or guided setting (i.e. M.O.M.) one can expect to enjoy a myriad of benefits...everything from decreased anxiety, better sleep, improved health, decreased depression, reduced joint pain, reduced headaches or migraines, decreased addictions and more.

You can learn more about microdosing in detail through our best-selling, self-guided Microdosing 101 for Moms course.


What is M.O.M?

M.O.M. (Moms On Mushrooms) is an educational platform and community of moms interested in learning about the safe and intentional use of psychedelic mushrooms. Our mission is to de-stigmatize psychedelics, promote safe and sacred use, and remain in service to others.


What does M.O.M offer?

We offer a private digital community, programs and courses, including "The Grow” Community which provides unlimited access to our community page, expert advisors, live Q&A's, Resource Garden, myco-inspired meditations, high vibe playlists, and exclusive offers from trusted partners and practitioners. We also offer "Microdosing 101 for Moms", a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of microdosing and integration, and Course.1 which is a three-month small group microdosing course.


What is Microdosing 101?

Microdosing 101 is a course that covers all aspects of microdosing, including what a microdose is, how much to take, safety concerns and side effects, and practical tips for integration. The course also includes an exclusive M.O.M Protocol and dosage guidelines.


How much does Microdosing 101 cost?

Microdosing 101 is a $200 value, but we offer it for just $44.


Who can benefit from M.O.M and M.O.M. Offerings?

The M.O.M Community and courses are designed exclusively for moms who are interested in exploring the safe and intentional use of psychedelic mushrooms as a tool for personal growth, healing, and spiritual practice. If you are simply curious about microdosing and don’t know where to start, our private and safe digital community “The Grow” is a perfect place to start. We believe that beginning a microdosing journey should be done with guidance, support and in community. We believe that our three-month microdosing cohort courses are the absolute perfect way to learn about microdosing and create a safe, intentional practice.


I've taken psychedelics with friends before, how is this different?

It's nearly impossible to describe the difference of imbibing psychedelics in a social setting vs communing with plant medicine in an intentional, sacred practice. If you've been called to this course, chances are you're way past "party days" and you are looking for something deeper, richer and more meaningful from these sacred plants.

Also, because microdosing is sub-perceptual you'll likely never come close to having the same experience you had with your friends, nor would you want to. Joining with plant medicines who act as your allies and guides during your healing journey will give you a plethora of different and more nuanced experiences guaranteed (if you're open to them) to expand your mind and awaken your soul's true purpose.


Is it safe to use psychedelic mushrooms?

Psychedelic mushrooms can be safe when used in a safe and intentional manner with the proper education, and under the guidance of an experienced guide or practitioner. However, it is important to understand the potential risks and side effects, and to approach their use with caution and respect. M.O.M provides resources and education to promote safe and sacred use. If you’re curious, we encourage all mothers to join the Grow in order to access our robust Resource and Video Garden so you can begin to educate yourself and decide if microdosing is right for you.


I'm on antidepressants/prescription medications,  is it safe for me to microdose?

Before beginning any medicinal substance you should always consult your medical practitioner to see if there are any contradictions.

After you apply for a course we will have a Discovery Call with you about what medicines you are on and can provide further insight to possible contradictions before you're accepted into the program.

In addition, we can refer you to a practitioner who specializes in making sure your medications are aligned with the plant medicine and/or can offer advice on how to titrate off certain prescriptions.


Is microdosing legal?

The legal status of microdosing varies by location. In some places in the US, it is legal to possess and use small amounts of psychedelic mushrooms, while in other states it is illegal. Moms on Mushrooms and The Garden, Inc does not condone the use of illegal substances.


How do I know if microdosing is right for me?

Generally speaking, if you're here reading this, then microdosing is possibly right for you. Intentionally microdosing psilocybin is generally regarded as safe (please see below considerations), effective, 100% natural/organic/plant-based, and may produce  a wide range of life-changing results.


That said, I would caution applying to this particular group setting if you have or have experienced any of the following:


  • You struggle with severe mental instability including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, clinical anxiety, severe PTSD, clinical depression (NOTE: there have been great results with psilocybin in helping treatment resistant depression, so if you feel this medicine calling to you, please apply so we can discuss further.)

  • You've had severe trauma that has not been addressed by a professional therapist such as abuse, sexual assault, a critical accident or devastating loss. If you are currently in therapy, and your practitioner is in agreement this course may be a great fit for your continued healing.

  • You’ve attempted suicide or experience suicidal ideation.


What is the minimum age requirement for membership in this community?

Members are required to be over 21 years old, and must be mothers.


Is any information or discussions inside Moms on Mushrooms intended to be medical advice?

No, the information and discussions inside Moms on Mushrooms are not intended to be medical advice. The information contained in this course is for educational purposes only and does not constitute the practice or offering of any type of medicine or any type of mental health service. We provide access to resources, anecdotal findings based off lived experiences, and conduct thoughtful conversations with experts in the psychedelic, wellness and parenting space. Members are in charge of the choices they make for their body and health.


Can I solicit or try to source psychedelics with members of this community?

No, because psychedelics are not federally recognized as legal we cannot promote or condone the sourcing of substances inside the community. We have a zero tolerance policy on this rule, and anyone attempting to sell or solicit illegal substances within The Grow will be immediately deactivated.


What is the consequence of soliciting or trying to source illegal substances with any member of this community?

The consequence is forfeiture of membership rights.


Is Tracey Tee a doctor?

No, Tracey Tee is not a doctor.


Is Tracey Tee promoting the mindless use or consumption of any sacred plant medicines?

No, as a psychedelic advocate and educator, Tracey Tee is not promoting the mindless use or consumption of any sacred plant medicines. The M.O.M. Community Portal is created to encourage thoughtful use of plant medicine and to make sure mothers are armed with as much information and support as possible before taking a healing journey with microdosing.


Are students/members/participants encouraged to seek out professional advice before undertaking any actions that could have an impact on their health?

Yes, members are strongly encouraged to seek out professional advice before undertaking any actions that could have an impact on their physical, mental, or emotional health, or which could impact their legal rights. Members should consider approaching psychedelics with humility and respect, and with a broad understand of whether psychedelics are right for them. This includes understanding whether or not you or your family has a history of mental illness - especially bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, suicide ideation or suicide attempts. PLEASE use discernment when choosing when, where, and how to engage with psychedelics or any illegal substance, and take ownership and full responsibility for the choices you make.


Do you offer in person cohorts?

As we continue to grow, we will be expanding in-person events and programming. Within the next year or so we hope to be able to offer in-person cohorts, although generally speaking most busy moms love the convenience of meeting on zoom.


Do you offer retreats?

Retreats are in the works! If you’re a member of The Grow please check the calendar for all updated offerings.


Why just moms?

Moms juggle a unique combination of stressors and carry burdens that are in many ways much more complex than other 'groups'. The experience of being a mother is often hard to describe or understand for the individual, which often leads to deep levels of unhappiness, unease and loneliness. In Tracey’s 10+ years of working with and around mothers inside the parenting sector,  she believes that when moms come together in a shared spirit of unity and vulnerability, extraordinary healing can happen within a safe container of shared motherhood experiences.

In this critical time of both collective division and collective awakening we believe mothers need a strong community in which each woman can start to heal from not only the unique and overwhelming difficulties of our time, but also begin to shed her ancestral traumas as well. It the M.O.M. team’s deepest desire to be of service to mothers while in union with entheogenic medicine during this exciting time on our planet.




The information contained in this course is for educational purposes only. This course does not, and is not intended to convey medical or mental health advice and does not constitute the practice or offering of any type of medicine or any type of mental health service. You should not rely on this information as a substitute or replacement for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnoses, or treatment. The course content is designed and intended for educational and information purposes only. Research provided within this course may change or be updated with or without Tracey's knowledge. While Tracey Tee has full intention to provide legitimate and valuable vetted research it is up to the reader to discern and act according to their own personal beliefs and intentions.


Tracey Tee is not a doctor, and any information she shares pertaining to psychedelics, supplements or any other health and wellness modality is not meant to treat, diagnose, or claim cures for any physical conditions or mental illness. If you choose to purchase any suggested supplements, wellness tools, microdose or consume psychedelics, you are choosing to do so as a personal choice, from your own free will, not based on any recommendation from any outside parties including Tracey Tee and/or Band of Mothers Media.


Psychedelics and sacred plant medicines are not for everyone.  As a psychedelic advocate and educator, Tracey Tee is not promoting the mindless use or consumption of any sacred plant medicines, including any not discussed in this course.


We strongly encourage all students to seek out professional advice, including but not limited to advice from physical health providers, mental health providers, or lawyers, as appropriate, before they undertake any actions that could have an impact on their physical, mental, or emotional health, or which could impact their legal rights. The course, coaches and author - Tracey Tee - are not responsible for any actions or inaction, on a participant’s part, based on the information that is presented in these course materials.


Please do not ask Tracey Tee or our members for medical advice or legal advice. By participating in and M.O.M. Course Course, Program and Community, you agree to be solely personally responsible for your choices and seek out professional advice as you deem necessary.


Please use discernment when choosing when, where, and how to engage with psychedelics or any illegal substance.


There are serious contraindications with various health conditions and pharmaceutical medications. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND TAKE ACTION TO BE INFORMED.


Please do not consume psychedelics if on any medications (especially SSRIs) without consulting with a doctor first.


If you choose to consume psychedelics, consider having someone there to support you. If you are hiring a third party professional to aid you in your microdosing journey or a macro dose journey please vet them before employing their services.


Please remember that you are 100% responsible for your actions and the subsequent consequences. Please take ownership and full responsibility for the choices you are making for your body, your physical and mental health, and your life. Please consider approaching psychedelics with humility and respect. It is possible to over-consume psychedelics and abuse them.


If you are considering working with psychedelics, please take into account your set and setting and prioritize your plant medicine integration.


*Remember: Psilocybin mushrooms are illegal in most places. Please act responsibly.

Legal Disclaimer
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