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What We Are


A private community platform focused on education, advocacy and connection

Mission-driven with intention and respect for the potential healing power of this medicine

Careful, curious, caring, cautious


Staying in our lane; we love everyone, but this space is JUST for moms


Deeply concerned for your health and safety


Not high

Tracy Tee Picture

Creator of  Moms on Mushrooms

Sangria bird

Mom of 1 daughter, Enneagram 8

2/4 Emotional Manifesting Generator
Aries Sun/Cancer Moon, Lives in Denver, CO

This space is bigger than any one person, and I consider myself not the "owner" or "founder" but rather the STEWARD of an evolution that has been centuries, maybe even lifetimes in the making: to remember who we really are.

I do not lead a linear life. But I do lead an exciting one. As a third generation entrepreneuer I have enjoyed several diverse careers as the founder of many diverse companies, each one teaching me massive lessons that open the door to the next adventure.


Smack in the middle of my life I found myself at my biggest professional crossroads to date: stepping away from traditional business, shedding my decade-long role as performer, writer, comedian, producer, podcaster and CEO and taking a massive leap of faith by starting over in a more intentional space that allows me to be of service.


But while my life is not linear, the through-line of my passion for supporting women is.


Some of you may know me as the 2nd half to the nationally touring, cult-hit live comedy show for moms: The Pump and Dump Show. My best friend Shayna Ferm and I created the show in Denver while in the throws of new parenthood back in 2012. What started as a desperately needed creative outlet and night out for Shayna and myself turned into a successful multi-media company, Band of Mothers Media, where we toured back and forth selling out the country's most prestigious theatres and venues. We also created a podcast co-produced by Warner Bros Entertainment, a social media app for moms, an ecommerce shopping site for moms and eventually two additional casts who were touring the country with their own unique version of The Pump and Dump Show. 


Before that I co-founded two e-commerce sites that which specialized in sourcing the newest and most innovative goods from up and coming independent artists. 85% of our goods were created by women, and the company was founded and operated exclusively by women.


Before that I pursued improv comedy, writing and acting in Los Angeles.


Starting at age 17 and continuing throughout all of my adult life I suffered from severe Stage IV endometriosis which lead to 5 abdominal surgeries, 5+ years of infertility treatments, and 4 decades of generally getting very very sick with a wildly suppressed immune system. During this time I unknowingly started my life's path to teach myself all about alternative health and alternative medicine modalities, while continuously studying whole foods, a plant-centered diet and plant medicine in an effort to keep my endometriosis symptoms at bay.

Starting in 2018, while at the peak of our national touring show and with our business in one of those unbearably exciting but back-breakingly exhausting upward trajectories of growth, I began to experience massive personal and spiritual shifts in my life which ultimately culminated in my grand unlearning of long held belief systems and relearning how to step into my own sovereignty for the first time in my life. I was 40 years old. In this time of personal transformation the dots started to connect and I was able to see how my health and other personal and professional crises laid the foundation to allow me to learn that my deepest passion lies in plants (especially herbs and mushrooms!) nature, helping others, and above all else an unshakable connection to God. I continue to follow this path today.

After closing the doors to the live entertainment and podcast aspects of Band of Mothers Media at the end of 2021, my next calling was made abundantly clear in a big message that came straight from Source: Stick with moms, but this time come together in smaller groups, start talking, and start healing.

And so here I am. The mycelial network has worked it's way into, around and through my hearts, guiding me to extend this network around moms. With all the respect I can muster, I accept the offer to work with Its medicine as the foundation of this new work with mothers. The old ways, paradigms and narratives that have permeated our culture are crumbling away and there is a palpable rise in Divine Feminine energy waiting for us to co-create a new and more sustainable way of life. I see mothers at the forefront of creating this burgeoning New Earth.

Mothers stepping into their own sovereignty and their birthright of happiness.

Mothers who recognize that there is something greater than ourselves out there in the Universe.

Mothers who value communication, vulnerability, courage and love and who are willing to weave it into every fiber of their lives.

Mothers willing to raise our children in a new way that is detached from toxic patriarchal, corporate and religious dogma.


Mothers facing their trauma and letting it go for good.


Mothers detached from fear.


Mothers who want to live free.


Those are big exclamations, I know. But the good news is we can start small. All it takes is you, me and a few other amazing, confused, broken, powerful, intellegent, funny, soulful, grieving, curious, open-hearted moms gathering together to learn and talk it out with love at the center of all things.


I hope you join us.

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