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Small Group Microdosing Courses for Moms

Scheduled every other week on Zoom and led by one of our knowledgeable and experienced facilitators, this 3.5 month microdosing course provides moms with the support of an intimate group of women who are diving into their microdosing journey together. Whether you are new to microdosing mushrooms or looking to deepen your current practice, join a small group course to find how learning in community can be transformative.

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A Small, Live Group Course

Join our 3.5 month-program to find support and guidance as you dive into microdosing mushrooms with a 9-10 moms who meet once, every other week, on Zoom. Course. 1 is led by one of our expert facilitators.

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A Microdosing Course for M.O.M.S 60+

Led by Deborah Haynie MA LPC, we’ve created a customized microdosing group course exclusively for mothers and grandmothers 60+ that is rooted in research and education, and based on feedback from our growing community + years of guiding hundreds of mothers towards an intentional relationship with microdosing.

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Courses for Moms

M.O.M offers self-guided, instantly downloadable course materials (with lifetime access!) to guide and educate you about microdosing and macrodosing mushrooms. These courses are especially useful if you haven't yet committed to a small group course, but are ready to dive in and learn tools, science, protocols and activations specifically designed for and by moms - because everything is different when you are raising humans.

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Microdosing 101 for Moms is an introductory, evergreen course designed to teach you all the basics – science, protocols, benefits and risks – of microdosing mushrooms.

Only $44!

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A Guide for Large-Dose Journeys

Ready for a real journey but don't know where to start? This course will guide you through the process and integration to help you have a successful and intentional experience.

Only $44

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