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Should I be microdosing mushrooms as a mom? Some popular microdosing questions answered for mothers

Mushrooms in the wild

1. What is microdosing, and how does it work for mothers?

Microdosing, the practice of taking small, sub-perceptual doses of psychedelics like psilocybin or LSD, has gained popularity among various demographics, including mothers. But, this is actually a much longer answer to a short question, and it would be hard to write out all the nuanced details about how to microdose, what microdosing is, and why we believe microdosing can be great for moms. Moms on Mushrooms offers a special mom-focused approach to microdosing that relies less on “learning how to microdose” and more on how to create an intentional microdosing practice that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. With that said, moms may want to pay closer attention to the basics of microdosing, including how it affects the brain and body, and how a mom can increase her mental and physical health while microdosing. As a responsible microdosing community, we take pride in our support of mothers working with plant medicine. We offer support for learning about microdosing mushrooms, commonly asked questions about microdosing, maternal mental health, microdosing dose guides, and more all inside our private membership portal and through our best-selling microdosing classes for mothers.

2. Is microdosing safe for mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Expectant or nursing mothers should be aware of the potential risks and safety considerations associated with microdosing during these periods, however our flourishing community has many perspectives on this topic and we discuss it often. We also have a dedicated section inside our private membership community where we post any research we can find about microdosing, psychedelics and pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum.

3. Can microdosing help moms with stress, anxiety, or depression?

Mothers face some of the greatest stress and mental health challenges of our time, and it makes perfect sense that so many moms right now are wondering if microdosing can offer relief or support…especially as cities and states across America begin to decriminalize psychedelics and offer better access to more people. So, does microdosing help moms with stress, anxiety and depression? From where we stand, YES! The scientific research on microdosing's effects on mental health is in its early stages. Most studies have been small and often rely on self-reported data, but WE BELIEVE IN SELF-REPORTED DATA and we see the positive, life-changing effects of microdosing for mothers every single day. Inside our community and based on feedback from our microdosing classes, we hear moms describe improved mood, more patience with their kids, increased energy, enhanced creativity, a deeper connection to God/Source and greater emotional resilience after microdosing for a few months. We also hear mothers share that they experience increased mindfulness and self-awareness after creating an intentional microdosing practice, and have a better grasp on managing the daily stress of being a mom as well as placing a priority on overall better maternal mental health.

5. What are the potential benefits of microdosing for mothers?

Potential positive effects of microdosing, such as improved mood, focus, and creativity, barely scratch the surface of possible benefits to mothers seeking better mental health or wellness through microdosing. If you feel called to join one of our small-group microdosing classes for moms, your microdose coach will help you set intentions and work towards whatever personal goals you have for healing and feeling better. Remember: this is slow medicine - working with magic mushrooms for better mental health takes time and lots of patience, and we believe you also need lots of support. The good news is you can get support inside our private microdosing community called The Grow, and we have self paced and small group courses to empower you as well.

7. How do I measure and determine the right microdosing dose for me? How much is a microdose of mushrooms?

Great question, mama! Finding the correct dosage for microdosing is critical for achieving desired effects without discomfort or unwanted side effects, and that typically falls between .05g-.25g (or 50mg - 250mg). As you can see there is a wide range within what is considered a true “microdose” when microdosing mushrooms, and inside that it is important to remember that every body is different, and it takes time to find out the best psychedelic mushroom dose for you. In our self-paced course: Microdosing 101 for Moms we break down microdosing dosages with an easy to read mushroom dose chart. We also offer a much deeper dive on the best microdose amount for mothers inside our 3 ½ month small group microdosing course for moms. Any way you want to microdose mushrooms, we’re here to help!

8. What is the best schedule for microdosing?

No one is more careful or respectful about microdosing than moms. There is so much fear, stigma and misinformation about psychedelics out there, and mothers seem to be in the vortex of the psychedelic debate - as if it’s safe for everyone else to do, but somehow unsafe for moms. That’s why on just about ANY topic, mothers do their research and pay attention to details! We totally understand why moms may seek advice on how often to microdose and whether to follow a specific schedule. You want to make sure you’re in control, and not experiencing any perceptual side effects. Mama, we’ve got you! Inside our Microdosing 101 for Moms course, as well as in our small-group microdosing classes, we provide you with a special M.O.M. Microdosing Protocol to help you begin your microdosing journey with less stress, and loads empowered support. We provide tons of resources around the science behind psilocybin as well as any scientific studies about psychedelics that might be useful to moms. One you learn the how, the way, the what is microdosing anyway, we know you’ll feel confident to make smart, empowered decisions around your safe microdosing practice.

9. Can microdosing impact my ability to care for my children? Concerns about parenting and responsibilities while microdosing are common (believe us, we get the questions allll day long) and mothers may want to learn about how to balance their microdosing practice with their caregiving duties. The great news is: when you microdose responsibly and with support, microdosing should not impair your ability to care for your children, as you’re taking such a small amount of psilocybin that you are NOT HIGH. With that said, it's crucial to prioritize safety and ensure you are fully capable of your parenting responsibilities while microdosing, and that’s why we created Moms on Mushrooms so you can not only empower yourself with vetted resources about microdosing but also learn from other mothers who have been working with psilocybin and having great results..

10. Should I consult with a healthcare professional before starting to microdose?

We definitely recommended discussing microdosing with a healthcare provider, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are taking medications.

11. What are some success stories or experiences of other mothers who have tried microdosing?

There are so many microdosing success stories! If you are a mom interested in microdosing, or if you are a mother who has questions about microdosing - join us! Our private microdosing community is created exclusively for mothers worldwide, and we are dedicated to supporting maternal mental health through the safe and intentional use of plant medicine. Learning about the experiences of other mothers who have incorporated microdosing into their lives can provide valuable insights and perspectives.

It's important for mothers considering microdosing to research thoroughly, seek professional advice when necessary, and make informed decisions based on their individual circumstances and needs. Additionally, adhering to local laws and regulations regarding the use of psychedelics is essential.

Want to learn more? Here are all the offerings from Moms on Mushrooms!

The Grow: a private monthly membership just for moms

Course.1: a small group microdosing course for moms

Mircodosing 101 for Moms: answers all your questions about microdosing mushrooms


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