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yep, I went on Dr. Phil

I recently agreed to appear on the Dr. Phil Show (scroll down to view it) to discuss why - as a mother - I advocate for the safe and responsible use of microdosing psilocybin through an intentional practice. As you can imagine, the debate was presented with skepticism out of the gate (which was fine by me) and things naturally got a little heated.

But first: I just want to say THANK YOU for the completely and overwhelmingly positive show of support I've received since the episode aired. I'm reading every single DM, comment, text and email and I am truly and deeply humbled. Before I go any further I just want to say I'm really glad I was offered this opportunity.

What I didn't know - and came to realize halfway through the taping - is that this whole episode was actually centered around concern for MOTHERS who are microdosing - not our society at large, not dads, not people who aren't parents...only moms...and how dare we do such a thing?

Why is there such resistance to the idea that mothers are no longer wanting to numb out, pop pills, or just carry the mental load without support and are actively and responsibly pursuing healing modalities to improve their mental health?

Overall, I am incredibly grateful that the Dr. Phil team even wanted to have a conversation about psychedelics in the first place, and while some of the opposing arguments were misinformed and frankly prejudiced in their concerns, I always welcome a debate and discussion on this topic.

I am proud of what I said, but most of all I am proud of the M.O.M. community who are actively growing and learning and healing together despite the judgement and skepticism we encounter.

I'm honored by all the messages I've received from mothers near and far who saw this episode and took the time to share how working safely with mushrooms has changed their lives in seriously miraculous ways. They echo similar stories from the hundreds of mothers who have joined a M.O.M. microdosing course and our community. From addiction, to MS, to a terminal diagnosis, to postpartum depression, to anxiety, trauma, to overcoming grief, and simply feeling like joy has left the building...I've been privileged to hear stories about how this medicine has worked wonders.

Sometimes science is slow to catch up on things, and I for one am willing to believe the tens - maybe hundreds - of thousands of people who have had profound and positive, life-enhancing experiences with psilocybin for generations.

And, inside that belief, we can absolutely - and must - exercise caution.

This is why I study with medicine women, and listen to our wisdom keepers every chance I get. AND I study the science and talk to doctors.

Below is a 20 minute clip from the Dr. Phil episode. I encourage you to watch it, and I'm curious on your takeaway. If you can watch the full hour: even better. (scroll down to view it)

I agree with Dr. Phil that there is still a lot to learn about the application of psychedelics for mental health, BUT as you will see, he's also misguided - because there is a LOT we already do know, and the science is resoundingly positive.

This is why I stand behind this medicine. It's definitely not for everyone, but I defend your right to make an informed decision to see if it is right for you.

As a culture, it's clear that things have gotten pretty upside down. Mentally, morally, spiritually, physically, politically, ecologically, intellectually...things are pretty chaotic and not great at the moment. Most of what we consume in the media/politics/religion is actively trying to keep us divided and in a space of judgment and fear. The art of deep, compassionate listening and a willingness to change our minds has been flipped on its head by rewarding society with a false sense of belonging for staying on one side of things...inside a box with a certain label...defiant against any opposing or differing view.

From an energetic and spiritual standpoint I think this medicine has reappeared at this specific time in history to help us get out of the upside down. To soften our hearts. To listen.

As Charles Eisenstein says, we must leave the Age of Separation and come back into a place of understanding that we're all in this together. This understanding comes by reconnecting with the basic things that delight our souls: compassion, community, nature, being of service, laughter, emotions, love, feeling the Divine.

It sounds like a tall order, but I believe microdosing can help us find those connections again.

I believe it, because I've seen it. And I've seen it, because it's real.

Are "magic mushrooms" the final answer to our collective problems? Of course not. Can they help? I believe so. But it will take a lot of work.

I wasn't able to discuss these things on Dr. Phil, because there's not a scientific paper to back up this type of conviction, and fear was the leader of the pack that day. So while the conversation on that famous set was a welcome start, I'm disappointed that it wasn't able to be more broad, and give the heart a chance to make a point or two. Also I would have liked the opportunity to make a clear and definite scientific differentiation between opioids (deadly), fentanyl (deadly) and psilocybin (less than 7 deaths in the last 60 years).

I didn't always think this way. Up until about 4 years ago I thought "psychedelics" were wrong, wrong, wrong too.

For 43 years I myself lived in a space of judgment and fear with many lost connections, and beliefs that were due for a revisit. Then, I stepped out of my box.

I am so very happy and grateful I was able to change my mind.

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11 aug. 2023

I'm concerned about the fact that it hasn't been well researched. Absolutely, not against it. However, my child (37) is bipolar and would not hesitate to try mushrooms. Which would do what? I can tell you that I've seen him on ALL DRUGS! It's not pretty. He's doing well now. My question is menopause?

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