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Hotter Than Ever with Erin Keating

Magic mushrooms? Psychedelics? Microdosing? Drugs once considered countercultural are being reinvented as part of the plant medicine movement. As Tracey Tee, the founder of “Moms on Mushrooms” (M.O.M) explains, it’s perhaps the best ‘assistant’ you can find when it comes to your unique healing and personal growth. In a world overwhelmed by information and distractions, Tracy helps women forge a new path to reconnect with their hearts and true selves through the power of psychedelics.

Whether you're a seasoned advocate or a curious skeptic, join Erin as she delves into this eye-opening conversation with Tracy, who takes us on a journey from the depths of COVID-induced despair to the transformative power of micro-dosing with magic mushrooms, including:

Tracy’s journey, from co-creating "The Pump and Dump Show" for moms to her current role in the plant medicine movementWhat is micro-dosing and how does it differ from traditional therapies?Magic mushrooms’ role in mental wellness and personal growthChanging the approach to mental health to empower individuals to take charge of their healing journey.The cultural shift surrounding plant medicine and its potential to offer new perspectives on life, emotions, and inner peace.Importance of community, intention, and readiness for change in the context of personal growth.Exploring the skepticism about "woo”, while acknowledging its potential for healing and growth Challenging preconceptions and encourages self-compassion, exploring the transformative power of psychedelics.

OUR GUEST: Tracey Tee, active in the momosphere for over a decade, co-created The Pump and Dump Show, starred in its nationally touring comedy, and co-produced the Band of Mothers Podcast. She's also the CEO of Band of Mothers Media. Inspired by her own psilocybin journey during the pandemic, in 2022, she launched M.O.M. (Moms on Mushrooms), an online microdosing course for moms. Tracey's mission is to unite mothers through plant medicine for personal growth and healing. M.O.M. has gained widespread recognition, featuring on NPR, Today Show, Piers Morgan, Rolling Stone, CBS Saturday Morning, PBS, Colorado Public Radio, NBC News, and Romper Magazine. Tracey resides in Denver, Colorado, with her husband of 21 years and their 12-year-old miracle daughter. She aims to create a conscious, Sacred Feminine-inspired model of doing business.


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