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Zen(ish) Mommy

During this season, we’ve talked about a number of alternative healing modalities. Today’s guest is Tracey Tee, co-founder and CEO of Band of Mothers Media and creator of Moms on Mushrooms, a micro-dosing course made exclusively for moms. With over ten years of experience in the mom sphere, Tracey has recently created an intimate, sacred space for mothers to explore the use of plant medicine. Join us to hear what she has to say about the difference between traditional healing modalities, recreational drug use, and microdosing in order to go inward and begin a healing journey. You’ll learn how Tracey navigated difficult changes in her own life with the support of psilocybin, and how plant medicine works to repattern the triggering aspects of the brain. Tracey shares advice from her own journey and research, reminding us of our skewed attitudes towards drugs based on the government’s approval, and encourages listeners to open their minds to this powerful healing modality today. Thanks for tuning in.


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