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Prayers For Peace

For those who feel called to gather in silence and deep contemplation in honor of those in pain worldwide at this time, we will be gathering over Zoom, three different times on 10.10.23.


Please come when you can. Zoom links for each time are below.


This is not a space for preaching.

This is not a space for politics.

This is not a space for hate.

This is a space for compassion, prayer and hope for resolution.


All are welcome, if you're willing to bring your highest and best intentions for the good of all. Music will accompany our 30 minute gathering. 

5am PST / 8am EST  •  2pm PST / 5pm EST  •  8pm PST / 11pm EST


This event is open to all brothers and sisters who feel called to spend a moment in collective communion with others who are feeling saddened by the darkness we're witnessing in this world. Please feel free to share with those who might resonate with this gathering. 


There is great power & healing that can happen when we gather in union with one purpose greater than ourselves. 

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