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The Mother of Reinvention with Meagan Francis

Prior to the pandemic, Tracey Tee’s career – as co-creator and co-star of the nationally-touring The Pump and Dump Show – was on fire. But after COVID-19 brought live performance to a halt, for a moment Tracey felt more like a dumpster fire. While Tracey made tough decisions about her future, she began to feel she was either having a spiritual awakening…or losing her mind. The questioning and self-discovery sparked by this stressful and overwhelming time led Tracey to explore plant-based medicine, specifically psilocybin, or “magic mushrooms.” Now, she shares what she’s learned about microdosing ‘shrooms with other moms, through her online course and community, M.O.M. (or, “Moms On Mushrooms.”) In this frank and funny conversation, Tracey and Meagan explore pandemic-inspired pivots, the hard truths of midlife motherhood, and just what those magical little mushrooms can do for moms who are ready for something more in their lives. (Hint: It’s not about getting high or “tripping”, but a much more subtle, introspective experience.)


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