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M.O.M. overview

Created just for moms, my robust, interactive courses offer not only one-on-one support from me, but also access to an intimate, highly engaged group of women. Outside of our zoom gatherings, educate yourself and expand your mind with loads of written and video material customized just for you to help elevate and illuminate.

current courses open for enrollment

Course.1: Release

Three Months Together

The M.O.M. Course is a 3-month gathering of no more than 12 mothers who meet virtually over Zoom every other week for 90 minutes while working individually on lessons published on the Teachable platform.



Outside of the guided lessons, you'll learn science-backed, referenced information vetted and fact-checked by MOMs Board of Advisors covering entheogenic mushrooms, microdosing, macrodosing, medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens and nootropics. Additionally the course offers customized support for your personal health and wellness journey with recipes, information on supportive supplements, healthy foods for busy moms, spirituality exploration, and even high vibe playlists; plus recommended practitioners, books, podcasts and videos so you can continue to level up. 

Video Content

Lessons and interviews from industry experts and elders are added continuously. I have a commitment to honoring the women who have pioneered the psychedelic space before us, especially women from original cultures, and their wisdom.


M.O.M. Course.1 is $649

Inspiring live group sessions, hours of videos and self-guided learning, personal access to Tracey, and involvement in a dynamic, thoughtful and caring mom group in between our gatherings.


We offer up to two fully paid scholarships per cohort for those who wish to participate, but have financial limitations. CLICK HERE  to learn more about our Empowerment Program and/or how to donate.

Ensuring a Great Fit

To sign up for a course you must first apply by filling out a brief a questionnaire. After this is complete, I will set up a free, one-on-one call with you. I speak with every applicant personally to make sure this course (and myself) are an absolute perfect fit for you. 

Self-Guided Lessons

Take a magical journey through 6 course lessons that allow you to focus on one specific area of your physical, emotional and spiritual life for two weeks. Each lesson includes videos, journal prompts, activation exercises, specific support tools for your health and wellness, and even a customized DIY bath recipe to enjoy.

Private Chat Group

Each cohort will host it's own private chat group to continue connecting in-between our group calls.


Context and validation are everything. In this spirit I share my own stories about my entheogenic journey, health struggles, spiritual awakening and you know that you are not alone.

Lessons Sneak Peek

Over three months we’ll work on integrating the healing aspects of plant medicine through six thought-provoking lessons aimed at challenging your perceptions and beliefs about yourself, your community and our world.


1. Facing Fear ▽ Stepping Into Security

2. Facing Rigidity ▽  Stepping Into Nourishment

3. Facing Doubt ▽  Stepping Into Sovereignty  

4. Facing Judgement ▽  Stepping Into Unity 

5. Facing Self Sabotage ▽  Stepping Into Truth

6. Facing Confusion ▽  Stepping Into Intuition

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Tracey has such a warm, funny, authentic spirit and I really loved her course! The material was presented in a super accessible way and I loved the Zoom calls with other moms. It was so nice to feel a sense of community after being so isolated for the past couple of years. Plant medicine has been so integral to my growth and really helps me be a more patient, loving, empathetic mom. 

Jan '22 Cohort

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I knew I wanted to learn about plant medicine but didn’t know how to go about it in a way that worked for me. When Tracey shared her experience with this medicine I knew that I had found the right person who could help guide the process in a way that was respectful, encouraging, and fun. I have learned so much about not only this medicine but about myself and our bi weekly zoom calls are a true lifeline and something I am so grateful for. 


If you are a mom and thinking about microdosing and exploring plant medicine, M.O.M. is for you. Tracey manages to honor the unique experience of every mom while also tapping into the shared experience of motherhood that ties us all together. Her encouragement, guidance and facilitation create a unique dynamic that allows you to bring your whole self to the group and integrate your microdosing experience into your life. I can not recommend this program enough!

Jan '22 Cohort

Jan '22 Cohort

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