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Commitment to Service

I believe that plant medicine and the community surrounding it should be accessible to everyone. I believe in reciprocity and the importance of an energetic exchange between the plant medicine community, new students, teachers, guides and elders. I believe you should be here if you want to be.


M.O.M. is committed to offering up to two full scholarships per cohort for mothers experiencing financial limitations. Funds are generated by:

  • Course proceeds diverted back into this program

  • Donations from full-paying participants

  • Donations from our community

Additionally, if you are limited in what you can pay for a course, I welcome discussions around in-kind trade allowing us both to mutually and equally exchange energy, time and service. After running businesses for over 20 years, I firmly believe that it is time to move into a new way of exchanging goods and services. I don't know how this will ultimately look in the future, but you and I can try to lay the groundwork together, here and now.

If you are interested in seeking a scholarship, trade, learning more and/or donating to the M.O.M. Empowerment Program please email for more information.